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Upcoming workshop on evaluating professional learning

Evaluation is the key to determining the impact of teacher professional development (Guskey, 2000). Shaffer Evaluation Group will deliver an interactive concurrent session on evaluating professional learning at the 22nd Annual SURN Leadership Conference, June 18, 2018, in Williamsburg, VA. The SURN Leadership Conference offers a forum to learn and exchange ideas on the campus of the William and Mary School of Education. Leading education writers, researchers, and consultants provide international and national perspectives on their work. The opportunity to share with other educators, discuss topics with leading researchers, reflect on the prior school year, be inspired, and plan for the upcoming year are all reasons individuals and school district teams attend.

During this 90-minute session, school and district leaders can improve their ability to measure and strengthen the impact of professional learning initiatives on teacher beliefs, dispositions, and practices. Participants will learn strategies to develop a plan and discover low- or no-cost assessment instruments for documenting and monitoring the effectiveness of professional learning efforts on student performance outcomes. Importantly, the session will help school and district leaders meet ESSA requirements, which call for professional development activities to be “regularly evaluated for their impact on increased teacher effectiveness and improved student academic achievements, with findings of the evaluations used to improve the quality of professional development” (ESSA SEC 8002).

Registration for the SURN Leadership Conference is now open -- come join us!

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