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Alaska Site Visit Finds Rich STEM Activities, Dual Credit Programs

Dr. Shaffer recently returned from a weeklong visit to Dillingham, Alaska, home of the University of Alaska-Fairbanks Bristol Bay Campus. This small campus plays a very big role serving the residents of Bristol Bay region and the Aleutian and Pribilof islands. Because geography and climate are strong factors affecting campus services, regional hubs supported by the Bristol Bay campus are instrumental in bringing higher education through traditional and technological means to isolated communities. Strong partnerships with K-12 school districts has yielded rich dual credit and occupational endorsement coursework, including in industries highly relevant in rural Alaska, such as aviation and fisheries. For traditional higher education students, cutting edge programs in Sustainable Energy and Ecosystem Health support the subsistence lifestyle common in this region. Shaffer Evaluation Group is proud to have worked with the Bristol Bay campus as the evaluator of their Title III grant since late 2014.

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