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Virginia Department of Social Services


Americorps, 2016-2017

SEG worked with the OVCS program staff to plan, prepare, and conduct training and technical assistance for AmeriCorps grantees across the state of Virginia. In preparation for providing training and technical assistance, SEG staff reviewed federal Americorps guidelines, requirements, and training modules. Additionally, using federal performance measure guidelines, SEG staff prepared a rubric to assess grantee alignment and compliance with key concepts, including: program theory, evidence-based practices, performance measurement, and data collection. Based on the analysis, the SEG team prepared draft learning plans for each subgrantee that were presented to OVCS for approval. Based on those learning plans, the SEG team completed four virtual training events and more than 30 hours of targeted technical assistance. In July 2017, the SEG team planned and facilitated a workshop for subgrantees and potential grantees on the components of a data collection and analysis plan in accordance with CNCS requirements. Following the session, the SEG team again provided targeted technical assistance to subgrantees to answer questions related to the data collection session and review performance measures for the upcoming year. The project was funded through Americorps support from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).  

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