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University of Alaska, Fairbanks Bristol Bay Campus


Title III Grant Evaluations, 2014-2021

The U.S. Department of Education awarded three grants across three years to the University of Alaska-Fairbanks Bristol Bay Campus (UAF-BBC) through the Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Serving Institutions -- Title III programs. This funding program helps eligible institutions of higher education increase their self-sufficiency and expand their capacity to serve low-income students by providing funds to improve and strengthen the academic quality, institutional management, and fiscal stability of eligible institutions. The UAF-BBC grant projects focus in part on improvements to STEM and priority workforce area courses and the development of dual enrollment and occupational endorsement programs. Fidelity of implementation data are collected through implementation log(s), project team interviews, project team meeting minutes, student information system data, and project documentation; fidelity data are reviewed and compared to the most updated project plan provided by the project director. A gap analysis is conducted by project objective using a simple crosswalk method; fidelity of implementation tables, or “status” tables, are produced. Formative evaluation data are collected through various means, including but not limited to stakeholder interviews, naturalistic observation, and course/activity evaluation forms. Summative evaluation data are collected on both output and outcome measures. We conduct one to two site visits per year and provide annual performance and evaluation reports. 

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