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Tufts University, Massachusetts


Coding as Another Language Curriculum, 2019-2022

SEG acts as the external evaluator for a collaborative research project led by the DevTech Research Group at Tufts University. The project will

  • develop and implement a comprehensive, high-quality integrated Computer Science curriculum for students K-2, teaching materials and implementation support; and

  • evaluate improvement in student learning outcomes through a randomized controlled trial research design


The study will involve up to 32 elementary schools in a school district. Building on pilot tested materials developed by DevTech, the curriculum will integrate computational thinking and learning to code with ScratchJr with math and literacy skills. Special features of the project are its use of ScratchJr, the first programming language explicitly designed for children 5-7, which utilizes block programming to allow children to create their own imaginative stories and games.. During the implementation phase, teachers will be trained (on-site and online), while school leaders will be coached in sustaining and scaling the work after the project ends. Impact will be assessed through differences in learning outcomes in computational thinking and coding skills, math, and language development. A transfer and sustainability study will compare fidelity of implementation across groups and measure perceived sustainability through interviews with teachers and leaders and the development of a strategic plan. This project is supported by an Early Phase Education Innovation and Research grant from the U.S. Department of Education. 

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