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Aleut Community of St. Paul Island, Alaska

Bering Sea Learning Center (2019-2021)

A US Department of Education Indian Education Demonstration grant was awarded to the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island (ACSPI) in late 2018. This project supports:

  • The development of a K-8 preparation program for a successful student transition to high school

  • An Early College and career training and preparation program for a successful student transition from high school to post-secondary learning and/or workforce opportunities 

  • A culturally appropriate community learning center to provide for social and academic behavioral growth, provide for family and community support, and assist in a successful transition to and completion of post-secondary learning opportunities.


SEG provides consulting support and plans and conducts an annual evaluation that documents project implementation, monitors progress, and, in the final year, measures changes in current levels of enrollment and degree completion in post-secondary or vocational programs, impact on the local economy as demonstrated by documenting the number of individuals entering the workforce after completing a degree or certification program, and an increase in student achievement, documented through a comparative analysis of pre and post test scores, rate of course completion and student and community feedback. 

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