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President's Committee for the Arts and the Humanities, Washington, DC


Turnaround Arts, 2015

SEG was contracted to design an evaluation framework for Turnaround Arts, a national arts integration program that provides technical assistance and funds to schools in improvement status. SEG facilitated with staff the development of a logic model and then developed a comprehensive evaluation plan for a three-year period. The evaluation design was intended to monitor program performance as the program expanded beyond the initial 8 pilot schools to 49 schools. The evaluation design focused on implementation, tracking alignment with the Turnaround Arts performance standards and programmatic requirements, which would allow the President’s Committee to track the scope and reach of the program on an ongoing basis and monitor how Turnaround Arts schools are performing academically and on broad reform and climate indicators. The plan included a logic model, evaluation framework, and data collection instruments, including a teacher survey and school profile form. 

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