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Jennifer L. Hindman

Client Engagement Specialist

Prior to joining Shaffer Evaluation Group, Dr. Hindman served as the School University Research Network (SURN)’s Assistant Director at The College of William & Mary. Dr. Hindman’s career in education began as a substitute teacher at the age of 18; she has been a middle school teacher, a science specialist, designer of educator performance appraisal systems, outreach specialist for Project HOPE, Virginia’s McKinney-Vento program, and adjunct faculty member. Throughout her career, her focus has been on engaging and impactful learning experiences whether she is working with students or fellow educators. Dr. Hindman has presented widely on student engagement, effective hiring practices, and lessons learned from grants she has co-authored. She is the author of seven books and numerous articles. She holds a Virginia Postgraduate Professional License with endorsements in Elementary Grades K-8, Gifted Education, and Administration and Supervision PreK-12. Dr. Hindman earned a Ph.D. in Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership (K-12) at the College of William & Mary and her Master of Teaching and B.A. degrees at the University of Virginia.

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