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Chesapeake Public Schools, Virginia


Special Education Reading Initiative, 2014-2018019-2023


The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) awarded a grant to Chesapeake Public Schools (CPS) to improve the achievement of military-connected students with reading disabilities. Through the implementation of research-based reading strategies, CPS sought to increase student growth in reading levels for military-connected students with disabilities in kindergarten through fifth grade. Using the support provided by DoDEA, CPS planned to attain this goal through implementation of an evidence-based literacy program, including professional development and instructional resources, at a group of target elementary schools. Outcomes from the targeted schools informed the district’s decision-making about extending the intervention to other elementary schools. As the project progressed, the evaluation study analyzed differences in reading scores between targeted schools and a within-district cohort of matched comparison schools in order to determine the effectiveness of the program. The comprehensive evaluation design included training observations and participant feedback, classroom observations using a standardized protocol, teacher surveys that assessed the reach of professional developmentsatisfaction with training events, and efficacy with literacy, and focus groups with school staff. 

Each year, three semester reports were provided to project leadership, and an annual report was prepared and submitted to DODEA. 

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