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ART 180, Virginia


Youth Programs Evaluation Plan, 2015-2016

SEG was contracted to review the organization's existing evaluation practices, make recommendations for improvement, and support evaluation capacity-building. We used an evaluation capacity building model, working collaboratively with ART 180 staff and stakeholders to examine program goals, objectives, and strategies; a short literature review and program logic model were early deliverables. In close collaboration with staff, we produced and piloted a pre and post student survey (4th-12th grade) that utilized published measures in order to assess program outcomes. The final deliverable was the final survey and a manual that provided guidance to staff on survey administration, data analysis, and reporting. Throughout the development of the technical manual, we identified data collection methods, measures, and data sources; tested and validated data collection instruments; and specified benchmarks for measuring progress. SEG trained ART 180 staff to collect data using validated instruments and use findings to support continuous program improvement. 

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